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Las Vegas A Go Go

Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok

Angelwitch Bangkok A Go Go

Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok

Billboard A Go Go

Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok

Fahrenheit A Go Go

Walkingstreet, Pattaya

Club Relaxxx A Go Go

Walkingstreet Soi 16, Pattaya

Kitten Club A Go Go


Angelwitch Pattaya A Go Go

Walkingstreet, Pattaya

Alcatraz A Go Go

Walkingstreet, Pattaya
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What is PattayaBangkokNightlife all about??

Pattaya and Bangkok's hottest agogo bars, nightclubs and Thai dancers are pretty interesting subjects to photograph if you are on holiday in Thailand. If you can't be here when the action is hot, take a look though our eyes to relive the fun until you can make it back.

We will post as many top clubs, beautiful Thai girls, colorful agogo videos as we can for you in regular updates! There should be a few stories mixed in too but nothing too serious, we will leave that for the news professionals. This site is all about where the action is and how great it looks here in Thailand!

From fun town Thailand,
- The PBN Team,

Your Pattaya/Bangkok/Nightlife live view!

WildThing Sticka Party

The Wild Thing Club had a sticker party to find the best dancer and award her a prize. The girls danced hard and the customers drank harder! Winners were announced and prize money was awarded. See them compete here! Pick your favourite girl or better yet, go buy her a drink and tell her yourself you like her moves!

Pattaya Channel Special Presentation - Pole Angels

PATTAYA CHANNEL TV http://www.pattayachannel.com http://www.youtube.com/PattayaChannel http://www.facebook.com/PattayaChannel http://www.twitter.com/PattayaChannel Broadcasting in Pattaya and surrounding areas Sophon Cable - Banglamung Cable - Jomtien Cable

Sek Loso Live At Climax

Sek Loso and the Hillary Group donated all of the proceeds from this concert to help the Victims of the Philippines suffering from the Typhoon. Check out the last song where the fans storm the stage and Sek just rolls with it to make them part of the show. I was the designated concert photographer that night and I can tell you the place rocked!

Angelwitch II, Thriller Dance Show

We headed over to Nana Plaza to shoot still photos of the Halloween madness. Much to our surprise, the Angelwitch II dancers were doing an outdoor show and we quickly flipped the old Canon 5D over to Video mode to try and capture as much as we could of their spooky rendition of MJ's classic Thriller. It was a little dark and this ain't IMAX quality! But what a great choice for a Halloween show and what a cool version they performed. You can catch them doing this and more in person at the all new Angelwitch II, ground floor of Nana Plaza

Billboard Gogo Tastic

The BillBoard Agogo Dancers decide to have a Soul Train style dance off to see who has the best moves. You be the judge. And do drop by to see them on the third floor of Nana Plaza in Bangkok if you are in town! Free Hangovers!

Sapphire Club - Dance Contest

Sapphire Agogo Pattaya staged a private dance contest to see who was the best dancer among the staff. The girls went wild competing for the prize money which was nothing to scoff at. A Thai country style buffet was served as well as copious amounts of alcohol. This is a rare andt fun look at how the Thais get their party on. Some can even dance!!